The laptop reboots instead of shutting down: what to do?

A few days ago I finally fixed a problem that has plagued my laptop for a few months.

I bought the PC last year at the end of December. The first thing I did once I got my hands on it, was to format Windows in order to install Slackware on the whole disk.

After Slackware installation and configuration, I turned off my laptop.

Surprise! The PC seemed off, but after a few seconds it rebooted!

I couldn’t believe it! I decided to turn off the laptop once again in order to understand if it was a sporadic episode, but the behaviour was the same as before.

Initially I resized the disk to give space to Fedora and I noticed that the laptop turned off correctly only running a specific kernel version.

Surfing the Web I’ve found a lot of people with a similar problem on different laptop brands. It seems the problem is caused by a malfunction in the power management.

Someone has found a workaround through a shutdown script which enables the power management by the kernel for a given list of devices. In my specific case the final solution to the problem has been the BIOS update.

I opened a thread on, you can find more details here.

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