New GitHub account and some SlackBuilds updated

As I said in the previous post, I was in doubt regarding the fact of continuing or not to provide prebuilt packages. Nowadays there are more tools that help Slackware users with the installation of third-party software, compared to the past. This applies both to the installation via SlackBuild scripts and the one from prebuilt packages. Therefore, I will not continue to provide prebuilt packages anymore (maybe, with some exceptions).

GitHub, here we are!

A few time ago I opened my first account on GitHub and created a small repository containing a copy of all my SlackBuild scripts maintained at I also have an account on BitBucket with some projects, as you probably have noticed.

Updated libcpuid and QCMA SlackBuilds


This week I updated (and submitted) the SlackBuild scripts for libcpuid and QCMA (a content manager assistant for PS Vita). QCMA can be installed by hand by following the same old procedure (see the old posts), but if you want to automate the installation you can also use sbopkg, sbotools or even slackpkg+.

For example, QCMA can be installed using sbotools:

$ su -
# sbocheck
# sboinstall QCMA



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