New fresh SlackBuilds!

Here we are!

In the last period, during my spare time, I worked on various SlackBuilds.

The first of these is I-Nex, a system information tool like the well-known Windows software CPU-Z. I had to wait to build it because it requires libprocps which was not included before the version 14.2 of Slackware.



The second one is GMT (Generic Mapping Tools). The GMT SlackBuild script was maintained until the 14.0 version of Slackware. In the meantime the project changed building system from the Autotools to CMake. So I decided to (re)create it from scratch.

The last (but not least) is PAC (Perl Auto Connector) an alternative to SecureCRT and PuTTY. PAC brings with itself a plethora of dependencies. Fortunately, most of them are available at and for the remaining ones I divided the job with my dear friend Antonio ;-) We worked together on a shared repository using git. I would like to thank him, but I also would like to mention Corrado Franco (aka Conraid) for the help with the uuid SlackBuild script and Willy Sudiarto Raharjo and David Spencer, admins at, for their patience, willingness and for the enthusiasm with which they carry on a huge amount of work.

Perl Auto Connector

Perl Auto Connector

This time I’ve not prepared the binaries as usual, maybe I’ll not prepare them anymore. This because I recently discovered sbotools, a promising set of tools which aims to provide a ports-like interface to In addition, if you want to use pre-built packages instead of compiling them from sources, slackpkg+ could be a great solution because it offers to the user a wide selection of repositories.

I’m thinking to create an account on GitHub and move there all my scripts. Anyway, there isn’t nothing definitive yet.

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