LILO fails to install on Slackware 15.0

Some days ago I tried the new version of Slackware on my desktop (dual boot with Windows 10) and during the installation I ran into the following error:

The key of the problem was all in the statement:

Fatal: open /dev/nvm: No such file or directory

Investigating the content of /etc/lilo.conf I found a quirk under the Windows section:

table = /dev/nvm

The solution was to reinstall LILO manually using these instructions and change the wrong line in /etc/lilo.conf with the correct one, after retrieving the right device via fdisk:

table = /dev/nvme0n1

I installed LILO with lilo -t (to test the configuration) and lilo -v (to write to the boot sector).

Then I rebooted and all worked fine.

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